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The benefits of Metro Ethernet to a business are incredible!  This technology gives symmetrical high capacity speed from 3 Megabits or 3,000,000 bits per second all the way up to Gigabit proportions Giga = 1.000,000,000 bits per second at prices that small, medium, or large companies can afford without having to be a Fortune 100.

The cost of Ethernet circuits in today’s market are also more accessible.  One of our customers is enjoying 5 megabits at $300.00 MRC (monthly reoccurring charge). Imagine, this is less than most people pay for a T-1!  In many cases, allot of the CLEC’s are starting to deploy Ethernet over copper.  This will be incredible since Ethernet speeds will be available to more people.

When designing your Metro Ethernet solution we can add-on all a variety of configurations.  Metro LAN Point to Point, Metro Ethernet with Internet. Multi-Site Metro Ethernet with MPLS and Internet and VPN.  The list and configuration types are infinite and based on your needs we can make sure you get the correct deign from the get-go.  Send us your information and we will consult you on your best options!

Historically, Metro Ethernet has been a technology that was used to link multi-site locations.  As the technology improved, many providers now offer MPLS with Metro Ethernet service.  This is powerful because organisations that are leveraging VoIP Phone Systems are reaping the benefit of QoS & CoS and having the power of Ethernet speeds and the intelligence of MPLS is like having your cake and eating it too, and for the right price!

It is also Important to mention that may carriers are offering Metro Ethernet Internet connection.  What this means is instead of having to bond multiple T1’s to obtain high speed Internet, you can now simplyorder one Internet Ethernet service that on top of being fast is ultra scalable.  Going from 10 meg to 100 meg is painless and hassle free.  Some CLEC’s call this service Metro Internet Service.



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